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Work under the tree is as equally dangerous as up the tree.  Thankfully this was just a dress rehearsal.  Bentworth, near Alton.

We use rigging equipment to dismantle large trees over delicate sheds. Sequoiadendron, Archery Rise, Alton

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We use modern climbing equipment to move around the tree.

Large Horse Chestnut felling, Alton.

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We are trained to use cherry pickers.  Vicarage hill, Alton.

Felling cut goes in.  The Butts Green, Alton.

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We do not tolerate blunt chainsaws.  This one is sharp.  Guildford.

High pruning work work.  20% thin to upper crown.  Farringdon.

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All the equipment and all the knowhow.

The world is a safer place - large Beech tree with root rotting fungus (Meripilus giganteus) safely on the ground.  Owners of beech trees please beware of this fungus.  Near Odiham.

With restricted space to fell, this Oak tree is brought to the ground ring by ring to protect the herbaceous boarder below.  Churt.

We prune large Wisteria.  Holybourne, near Alton.

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Reducing Lombardy Poplars Spandau, West Berlin, many years ago.  We used 3ply rope in those days... terrible tangles.  Modern multiplait rope is a doddle to use. We are unfortunately not allowed to splice climbing ropes anymore.  

Pruning the Old Sycamore tree on the Plestor(play space), Selbourne.   Rather hollow in places.

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We employ only the best heavy plant contractors.  Here is Ian Hampshire doing his usual brilliant work.

No hedge will beat us.  We use climbing equipment if needed.

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Some beasties like this new shoot growth on reduced trees.

Very old hollow Sycamore has been reduced carefully to lower chance of crown failure.  Binsted

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